Regency Crowd Shirt (SH170)

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These shirts are unlike the rest of our collection in that they are unashamably inauthentic.
For a start they are poly/cotton mix and are not a shape which was ever found on an original garment as they are quite short and button right through.
The collar however is a fantastic, somewhat exaggerated shape and the cuffs are very flamboyant.
The reason we have them is that they are often required for large crowd scenes and as such are really just an easy care vehicle to support the collar and cuffs.
They do have good full sleeves so can be seen under a waistcoat without letting the side down too badly.

There are two colourways, optic white and ivory.
Fully machine washable and generally easy maintenance.
Very popular with the maintenance teams.

sizes: 14 1/2" -17" neck
55% cotton 45% polyester


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