Replica Pocket Watch (ST930)

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These replica pocket watches are not recommended if you want anything other than very approximate timekeeping.
They are really best regarded as props although they do work. Some even have second hands (which tend to fall off...)
They do however do come complete with watch chains and are delightfully well detailed pieces.
All open and some are half hunters which means you can get a rough idea of the time without needing to spring the front open.

They come in several different styles and make great Steam Punk accessories.

These watches vary from one batch to another so we cannot guarantee that the image shown is exactly what you will get but the colourway is fairly reliable.

Please do not buy them if you expect to receive an accurate timepiece.

Bright Gold Decorated: Front, Inside, Back

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  • Old Brass
  • Old Brass inside
  • Worn with waistcoat
  • Copper
  • Bright Silver Decorated: Back, Inside, Front
  • Hammered Copper: Front, Inside
  • Copper: Front, Inside
  • Bright Gold Decorated: Front, Inside, Back

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