Adjustable Victorian White Cotton Short Cravat (NWCS5)

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We are selling these very smart adjustable cravats on behalf of an American colleague, Chris Spencer.

Chris says" I have developed and patented a pattern for a quick rigged cravat and stock that can increase in circumference from 15" to 18" without losing visual integrity.
Iā€™ve been working in professional theater for over 20 years and in that time I have ordered, made, and rigged many cravats. Each time we used cravats or stocks in a production I would have to either add panels to increase the neck size or remake them completely. Two and a half years ago we were mounting a new production of A Christmas Carol and I decided to try out a new pattern I had been developing for a cravat that could adjust from a 15ā€ neck to an 18ā€ neck with very little difference in the final look. They worked great that first year but I knew the real test would be the next year when we changed up our cast. The second year they were still beautiful. I have tweaked the pattern a bit since then, mostly to streamline the production of them and keep details and sizing reliably consistent. "

The nifty construction uses poppers or hooks at the back while the bow remains fixed so very useful for quick changes and continuity.
The band is a fixed depth of 2 3/4" and the bow can be tied to suit.
Hand made in USA from lightweight cotton lawn.

Adjustable Victorian White Cotton Short Cravat (NWCS5)

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